Pizza Calabria

Pizza Calabria | Spianata Calabrese Piccante

Recipe for Pizza Calabria with Spianata Calabrese Piccante. A delicious specialty with Italian salami from Calabria. As the Piccante suggests in the name of the salami, the Spianata Calabrese Piccante contains 5 to 10 percent of spicy Calabrian chili. The chili variety is the “Calabrese Piccante”, a round, medium-caliber Chili from Calabria. One of my favorite pizza toppings, just delicious!

Pizza Marinita

Pizza Marinita™

Original recipe for Pizza Marinita™ with mozzarella, garlic, chilli and basil. The best of Marinara meets Margherita. The Marinita is basically a Marinara with mozzarella and chili or a Margherita with garlic and chilli. The vegetarian Marinita combines the fine taste of the two classic Neapolitan pizzas. Only the finest buffalo mozzarella and sun-ripened San Marzano tomatoes are used. As a contrast in taste the Pizza Marinita is topped with fresh basil leaves and a pinch of Italian herbs after baking. The Marinita was – like some other new pizza creations – invented by Alexander Herder in the 21st century.